Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Atlanta is only 8 days away yet over 850 miles

After an amazing hoorah at the Trenton Mid-Atlantic regional, Team 75 finished 4-4-0 at 30th out of the 63 teams. They made it to the semi-finals thanks to the wonderful alliance pickings of 522 and 223. Before the awards ceremony it came out that the RoboRaiders were in the top 2 for the Regional Chairmans Award. The team was ecstatic to win the Engineering Inspiration Award setting them on their FIRST steps toward the championship for 06.

A few weeks after the wonderful Trenton regional, the RoboRaiders went up to Bean Town for the first annual Boston Regional. With an all star cast of judges including Helen Grenier and Steve Wozniac and a large portion of rookie teams, team 75 had a blast. Team 75 finished 5-5-0 in 21st out of 44 leaving with 2nd place safety, Autodesk Visualization, and Engineering Inspiration.

After achieving the never before attained of 2 Engineering Inspiration Awards as well as just barely missing out in winning chairmans at Trenton, the RoboRaiders have high hopes for the upcoming championship competition.

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